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"Il Mondo della Preistoria" that means “ The Prehistoric World”, is a prehistoric amusment park aiming at recreating the world of prehistoric animals and of the earliest forms of life appeared on the Earth. Visitors  will travel back in time through the stages of the evolution of the living beings on the Earth from the  moment  life  appeared on our  planet,  about 635 million years ago. Planned in a scientific way, the park features over 55  scientifically accurate, dinosaur models in an outdoor setting and 5 Dioramas showing 93 small species of prehistoric animals. It lets visitors both  have fun and  learn. Together with  the dinosaurs reconstruction visitors can choose among  several  kinds of  interactive activities. The park is located  in a green charming spot  where you can admire several species of trees and plants, breathe pure air and  relax with your family.


 "Join us in a journey started 635 million years ago


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Visitors can walk freely along the park trail and examine the statues  arranged to represent the various stage  of evolution. The 700 meters circular track takes you back history, from the Paleozoic Era, through the Mesozoic to the Cenozoic Era and the dinosaurs of the park are ment to witness these Eras.



If you are looking for a safe & fun environment to improve your children´s learning, don’t miss the opportunity  to take them to “ Il Mondo della Preistoria.” 












  • Learning area where you can find  minerals, fossils, microscopes and interactive games.


  • Fossil dig where there are dinosaurs bones and skeletons. Here your children can try to be paleontologists for a day.


  • Outdoor and indoor pic-nic area


  • Bar area for soft drinks, coffee and snack 


  • Guided tour (find out more on the appropriated page)


  • Souvenir Shop 


  • Fountains and toilets


  • Baby changing




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New 2017

The Human Evolution Path 



Between 66 and 63 million  years ago primates appeared on earth. The oldest primate is the Purgatorius, named after Purgatory Hill, Montana, United States where it was found.  

Visit our park and discover the fascinating journey of the human evolution and its stages through 18 statues, full size, immersed in the green of our park

No additional costs! 


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